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Web hosting New Zealand.

Web hosting: A physical place to store your website ready for someone to download your web page onto their computer. This service should be fast, reliable and with good support. If you need would like more info, read on, or enquire with one of our handy buttons.

New to having a website?

The first thing you should do when wanting a website is to complete two tasks. The first is to buy a domain. These typically cost $12-14 per year for a top level domain (.com’s, .orgs, .net’s, .com.au’s etc). You can also purchase premium domains. These are more expensive but can be worth while (.realestate, .global .xyz – there are many). If you need help with this please let us know.

Secondly you should consider where to point your website to physically store the information. This is where we come in. Our plans are very competitively priced and we like it that way – enquire and we can send you a quote. Once you begin hosting with a company it means you can now create email addresses that come from your domain (you@companyname.com etc). We basically set them up in the back end of your account and you can have up to ten addresses for our first hosting option, and, an unlimited amount for our high traffic hosting option.

What you need from a web host:

When a potential customer visits your website you don’t want them to wait for the page to download from a slow web host. We understand this and have gained access to Solid State hard drives. These hard drives (like flash drives) have very fast read and write speeds. This simply means that your stored information, with our web host, can be accessed faster by your customer. We also have options to Turbo Boost your site which boasts a 20X faster hosting experience (if you would like this option mention it in one of the enquire buttons below). For piece of mind we offer free after hours support.

If you are interested in our New Zealand web hosting service see below for what we offer and enquire if you are interested.
If you still aren’t sure have a look at our testimonials below our packages.


High Traffic Web Hosting - Manta Graphics

High Traffic Web Hosting

Free access to SSD technology
5GB of storage space
10GB of monthly bandwidth
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited databases
Unlimited sub domains


Web Hosting - Manta Graphics

Standard Web Hosting

Free access to SSD technology
900MB of disk space

4GB of monthly bandwidth
5 email accounts
Unlimited databases
Unlimited sub domains





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