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Web design New Zealand.

Your website is your number one marketing tool. A good web design works 24/7 for you, delivers the information to your customer when required and can be found easily through the likes of Google – all with out you lifting a finger. By having a stunning web design you can ensure you are keeping your door open digitally when ever you need to serve your potential customers. Can you benefit from good web design? Or are you interested how you can increase your presence? Read into it more below.

Our web design and how we can help you:

You can choose from a few different directions with your web design. You can sell online, use your website to gain newsletter subscribers, or just simply have information about your business and where to find you, or all of the above and more. The choice is really yours, just let us know which direction you want to head with your web design. Once you have chosen your direction we ask for the content you would like to feature. From there we will format and construct your site based around your supplied content – for optimal web design. If you choose the web page design to be search engine optimised then we will pay particular attention to the keywords you want each page known for.

More on SEO and your web design:

Keywords are the indicators for search engines. When your potential customer types your keywords into Google we want you to come up. To have a fully functioning web design it takes a few months for Google to “crawl” your site and display your site how you would like to see it. Crawling is the process Google uses to sort your individual web page design (not your website design as a whole), it pulls out your keywords then renders a link to your page to display for the searcher. All of your web page designs are treated on an individual basis so you can target different words on different web pages for different purposes. In all, this creates a multitude of angles for people look to your site.

If you are interested in our New Zealand web design service see below for what we offer.
But first, here are some examples of what we can do:

Existing New Zealand Web Designs

ECommerce Web Design New Zealand - Manta Graphics

eCommerce Web Design:



Standard Web Design:



Standard Web Design:


Web Design New Zealand - Manta Graphics

Standard Web Design:



eCommerce Website Design - Manta Graphics

eCommerce Website

Turn your website into a
shop with this solution.
– 10-15 pages
– Store
– Shopping cart
– Product filtering

– Payment gateway
– Contact Us


Website Design - Manta Graphics

Standard Website

Increase your brand’s
presence with web design
– 5 pages
– Home
– About
– Services
– Gallery
– Contact page
+ Pop up quote form
+ Call to action button


Webs Hosting - Manta Graphics


I have been using Manta Graphics for my websites and design for 3 years now. I am thoroughly pleased with the standard of their work and their continued support.

Benji Simpson, Tornado Titanium