Graphic Design New Zealand

Graphic design and how it works:

Every touch point with your customer needs to be controlled. If you hand over a business card you would hope your potential customer will keep it. This is where good graphic design comes in. If you create a fascinating card (for example), or a unique quirky way of delivering your contact details to your potential client they are more likely to retain that information and recall it for when they really need you. If you are interested in how we do this read on.

Graphic design New Zealand:

Through the right guidance and skill we can equip you to better control the touch points you have with your customers. These touch points being any time you hand your customer information – in this case, other cases will include website design found here. Whether it be a business card (an early point of contact), or a later one, such as a pen. There are many print peripherals, but we will start with the basics below.

Business cards, letterheads and with compliment slips:

We can design you a business card the way you want. The limiting factors are budget, creative license and sometimes time. Rather than a standard printed business card, you can have a plastic one, or even a metal one – this is where budget comes in. You can also opt to have nice finishes such as foils, embossing and a die cut – where you can change the shape of your card. All vary in price and set up, but can be done. If we have creative license we can create a real memorable card that will make the holder think, or take them off guard – this can be done with the concept itself. This is just the business card. The same applies to any design that you want printed. We can do flyers, magnets, booklets, letterheads, signage and much, much more. Anything visual we can manipulate. At the very least we can make what you want pretty.

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New Zealand Graphic Design Samples

DL Flyer Design:

DL Flyer,
1 hour to design

A4 Booklet Design:

Part of a series of presentations
4 in total, 4 pages each.
Made to be emailed

Foiled Business Card Design:

Silver Foiled,
1 colour,
Artwork show foil placement in pink,
Simple design.

A4 Letterhead Design:

A4 design as part of a package
We have also completed the logo
+ business cards


Booklet & Flyer Design - Manta Graphics

Booklets, Flyers,
DL Brochures & Custom

Booklets – 8 – 20+ pages
Flyers – DL, A5, A4,
DL brochures – 4 page – 6 page
Business cards – any type
With compliment slips
Envelopes – any size


Magnet & Sign Design - Manta Graphics

Magnets, Sign Writing & Curve balls

DL calendar magnets
Sign writing – small stickers to
large billboards
Curve balls – new products like
metal business cards or
scented flyers.
Challenge us!


Graphic Design Services - Manta GraphicsRandom Project?

Would you like a hand
creating something?
Let us know what it is below.


We have been working with Manta Graphics for the past four years. They have an exceptional ability to transform a simple idea or perspective into a creative unique design. We are very pleased with their professional services and high attention to detail.

Andrew Turner - Director, PRDnationwide Ashmore