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What you should consider when printing:

You may have a nice design for your booklet or flyer, but, do you have a nice physical finished result? In conjunction with your design you should consider how you want your finished booklet print received. You should consider paper stock, colour, dimensions, finishes such as cello glazing and most importantly the application. If you want to know how we control this read on.

How we can control the print of booklet – as an example.

CMYK – the common colour format – A.K.A “full colour”. This is your most common print specification for your colour option. You also have things like RGB (more vibrant, but less common) or spot colours (a specially mixed colour) usually to be unified with your logo colours. Not only that, but you have a range of others like metallic and fluro inks and more. All of this can help build you the perfect booklet print.


If you are a law or accounting firm you may want your paper to have a sturdy, slightly textured feel. A dentist, maybe an uncoated stock specifically designed for patients or dentists to write appointment information. A clean energy company, maybe a recycled stock. It all matters. There are two main manufacturers who produce paper stock in Australia, between all of these you have many options.


Foiling – makes it stand out from the stock by being shiny (like tin foil), embossing – imprints or exposes a section of any shape you choose, Spot UV – similar to foiling, it makes something stand out by adding a clear shape to anywhere you choose. Matte, gloss and velvet Cello Glazing – this can be applied to whole pieces of stock as opposed to foiling, embossing and Spot UV; this finish changes the way the light strikes your booklet print as well changing the feel. All of these can be used in your arsenal to attract attention, convey an idea, or repeat an element such as your logo for the most memorable of results.

Application and Dimensions:

This is important. Where will your product be placed? Do you deliver it to your customers through their mailboxes? If so, you need to think about the size of your product. It will cost you more if it is too large, or if it cannot be delivered with other flyers or booklets.

If you would like to know how we can help your print enquire below – we have access to a wide network of printers from Australia to New Zealand.
Each printer is tried and tested for their product based on price, locality and quality.

Design Examples:

Business Card Design:

Avanti Project Marketing
350gsm, full colour,
double sided, matte celloglazed.

A4 Booklet Design:

Part of a series of presentations
4 in total, 4 pages each.
Made to be emailed

Harcourts 12 Page Booklet:

Body: Gloss 150gsm Custom
Cover: Gloss 250gsm
Laminating – Gloss 1 Side
Full colour
x 10,000

A5 Wedding Invite:

Boutique Print
Full colour, double sided
250gsm velvet
x 50

Booklets, Magnets, Flyers, Customs or Curve balls

Booklet & Flyer Printing - Manta Graphics

Booklets, Flyers,
DL Brochures & Custom

Booklets – 8 – 20+ pages
Flyers – DL, A5, A4,
DL brochures – 4 page – 6 page
Custom – throw something at us!
We can do any size, shape,
stock and finishes.


Magnet & Sign Printing - Manta Graphics

Magnets, Sign Writing & Curve balls

DL calendar magnets of any quantity
Sign writing – small stickers to
large billboards
Curve balls – new products like
metal business cards or
scented flyers
Challenge us!


Business Card & Letterhead Printing - Manta Graphics

Stationery Printing

Business cards – any type
With compliment slips
Envelopes – any size
and more…


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